Wooden Christmas Mitten Ornaments (08), hand painted in Ukraine, Petrykivka Painting

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Material: natural wood
Size: 9 cmх 9cm х 0,5 cm
Hand painted on both sides with honey-based paints and then glazed with mat or sleek lacquer
Each on is unique!
There are examples of patterns in the photos. For the coordination of each order we will do additional photos of the ornaments.
Made in Ukraine

What are Christmas ornaments like?

They are bright, colourful and bring holiday atmosphere every day. Ukrifts.com online shop knows a lot about original decorations for a Christmas tree, i.e. Christmas ornaments Mitten with Petrykivka painting with original Ukrainian flavor!

How Christmas ornaments with hand painting are being made?

  • Wooden workpiece is passed to an artist - it depends on him, what an exclusive product will like, what kinds of shades and their combinations are used.
  • Handmade Christmas ornaments, despite the general principle of painting, are unique, so you will not find two identical products – each one is beautiful in its own way.
  • Patterns and ornaments are applied with special, environmentally friendly paints, i.e. gouache on honey basis, so you should not be afraid to give decorations into children’s hands.
  • The final touch, when paint gets dry, is coating with matt or glossy varnish to make the product shiny. New Year lights are reflected especially festively in such decoration!
  • Wooden Christmas ornaments with unusual patterns decorate your Christmas tree, adding Ukrainian flavor and ethnic motives in its festive image.

Christmas ornaments with Petrykivka painting are a perfect gift for a holiday!

Original Christmas ornaments in the form of Christmas mitten are perfect for Christmas - bright, saturated colours will be clearly visible on green background of Christmas tree. This is an excellent gift for a girlfriend or boyfriend, because each ornament is created by hand.

As a gift to your grandparents, you can give Christmas ornaments in the form of funny Ukrainian houses, i.e. huts, twisted with spikelets and motley grass. Just look at the photo: you have not seen yet such cool Christmas decorations!

And children will like our decorations, because there are so many pretty animals - birds, horses, cockerels, lambs and butterflies among them. All products are completely safe, because they are made of wood and painted with honey-based gouache.

They are really unusual gifts that will not only fill the house with comfort and create warm festive atmosphere, but will serve their masters for decades, keeping family values, ​​handed down from generation to generation. Here you can buy gifts for any occasion and any budget.

Order decoration for the New Year tree in UkrGifts.com online shop, and we will deliver it from Berlin to the USA, Canada, Great Britan and anywhere in the world.


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