Ceramic teapot with flowers (87) hand-painted

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Маterial: ceramics, glaze
Baking at 1200°C
Volume: 1L
Handicraft, teapot is painted outside.
Picture may differ from that one, represented in the photo, because every teapot is unique! We will send You a teapot’s photo for approval before sending it.

Tea party is a spiritual ritual for the whole family and an occasion to come together at the end of a busy day. To communicate with relatives, drinking a cup of tea, is a wonderful tradition that has its attribute – a teapot. Of course, you can do without it, but it is difficult to make a tea party really smart and create cozy atmosphere without a teapot.
Ukrgifts online shop of handmade presents introduces to you a large variety of teapots with decorative painting - with floral and abstract motifs, large and small, teapots of various, sometimes fancy, forms!

You can choose and buy online handmade teapots - exclusive, unusual, comfortable or bright that corresponds with your character and temper!

How painted ceramic teapots are being created?

  • In accordance with a rough sketch, a mould is created of special plasticine, according to which a plaster model is made. Slurry, so-called “slip”, is filled into a small hole. As soon as slip is solidified, it is taken from the mould for the first baking.
  • Baked product (workpiece) is transferred to artists – definitely they create unusual painted teapots, which are so delight for the eye. Exclusive handmade ceramic teapots with different patterns and floral paintings are created with the help of coloured glass glaze.
  • For acquiring glaze colour, appropriate shade of metal oxide is added to it. Engobe dyes are completely safe in process and following application!
  • The last stage after painting is baking of a handmade teapot at the temperature of 1200oC - glaze is being baked, and clay turns into strong pottery that is not afraid of boiling water.
  • Teapots, made of handmade ceramics, keep warm for a long time, ensuring perfect tea brew!

Ukrgifts online gift shop offers you to choose unusual handmade teapots for any important event as a present:

  • Handmade teapot with floral motifs is a practical gift to a woman, who is a cosiness keeper. Wife, Mom, Grandma will be happy to get such a gift, which will also serve as an original kitchen decoration.
  • Men will appreciate cool teapots with abstract design, especially since you can choose a colour, which suits the character!
  • A big teapot is a useful wedding gift for a young couple. Particularly, it will start homemaking.

Ukrgifts online shop of unusual handmade presents offers you a wide range of various cute, funny, cool and traditional teapots, with which tea party turns into a beautifully decorated ceremony that is a ritual of unity with the family, filled with emotional warmth. There is a great variety of 3 litre teapots for large families.

Choose your favourite product and we will deliver it from Berlin anywhere in the world - to the USA, Canada, Australia. You can previously appreciate product appearance thanks to colourful photos - our teapots look better still in real life! Delivery cost is regulated by a postal company and depends on distance and weight of a parcel.


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