Handmade and hand painted ceramic cup (66)

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Маterial: ceramics, glaze
Baking at 1200°C
Volume: 0.200 L
Made in Ukraine
Handicraft, cup is painted both inside and outside
Painting may differ from that one, presented in the photo, because every cup is unique!

Unusual cup, as a gift, has always been a great success! After all, as it is known, a person can never have too many cups! And our exclusive handmade cups will satisfy the most sophisticated connoisseurs of ceramics. This is not only a familiar household item, but also a decorative element!  If you decide to buy a painted ceramic cup in UkrGifts online gift shop, because the most unusual and bright painted cups are presented just here, you will certainly be curious to know how they are made.

Painted ceramic cups: how is the masterpiece being born?

  • Firstly, Ukrainian master creates a form of artistic plasticine, on the basis of which a plaster model of the future cup is made. Using a plaster model, a mould, into which a slip is filled through a special hole, that is slurry, is being made. After a while, frozen ceramics is taken from the mould and the future teapot or cup is subjected to the first baking.
  • Workpiece, the so-called baked product, is sent to artists, who apply amazing images from floral motifs to abstract patterns with the help of multi-coloured glaze. Unique ceramic cups, cool and funny of various shapes and colours will make their owners happy for a long time!
  • Coloured glaze is obtained by addition of natural dyes, based on metal oxides, to glass colourless glaze, so our products are absolutely eco-friendly.
  • Everything is done manually, thus every cup treasures a piece of master’s soul.
  • The final stage is baking at the temperature of 1200oC, during which glass glaze is being baked, and then ceramic product acquires final appearance and colour. Glazed, hand-painted beautiful ceramic cups are hygienic and durable, so they can be used as ordinary crockery.

Creative ceramic cups are a great idea for a gift!

  • Unusual handmade cups, painted in dark blue soft tones or bright orange tones, are an original gift for a man that will give a positive mood together with brisk morning tea or coffee.
  • Cheerful cup with floral patterns will serve as a gift for Mom or girlfriend. Besides, this is a good gift for a woman, who loves and appreciates handicraft.
  • Also, do not forget that national Ukrainian floral motifs look pretty on ceramic surfaces, so everyone should buy hand-painted ceramic cup at least for himself/herself. Look at the photo: there are unusual cups for coffee, bright cups for tea. You will not be able to resist, because to buy a cup as a gift is a wonderful idea!
  • Handmade cups, as a birthday present, are always a win-win option. Their variety allows you to choose a gift according to character of the gifted one, of that colour and style, which the person likes. In addition, nobody can have too many cups - for yourselves, relatives and beloved ones, for friends and guests, for those who have everything. We have painted ceramic cups, which are made in traditional and modern styles, for everyone.

It is very easy to buy creative ceramic cup hand painted in Ukraine with delivery all over the world! Contact UkrGifts online shop of unusual presents.  You can always find current photos of new products on our website, as well as order online an original ceramic cup at affordable price.

Delivery is carried out throughout Europe, to the USA, Canada and Australia, as well as anywhere in the world. The cost of delivery is calculated due to national postal operators’ tariffs.


UkrGifts.com are exclusive handmade gifts and affordable price!

Make presents with soul!

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