Hanukkah menorah and sabbath wooden candleholder

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Material: wood, gouache, varnish
Handmade and hand painted
Menorah height: 33cm х length:30cm х width: 2cm
Candlesticks diameter: 17mm
Production: Ukraine
The symbol of the tree of life, the symbol of Judaism, the universal enlightenment of peoples, a miracle, and an attribute of the holidays. This is the Menorah. Each house of the descendants of the forefather Jacob has a special place for the Menorah. Its light is the light of peace and hope for the entire Jewish people. The Menorah Light is a great occasion for the whole family to gather at the table, taste delicious, touch the history and discuss the essentials.
Prescribed by God to Moses on Mount Sinai, created by hand of Ukrainian craftsmen and painted by eminent artists of Petrykivka.
Born in beauty.
For you.

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Jewish candle holder menorah painted by hand Jewish candle holder menorah painted by hand
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